The name Panama means “abundance of fish”, so Santa Catalina is the right place for a fishing trip. The area around Santa Catalina and Coiba National Park are excellent fishing places. We catch all the time big yellow-fin tuna, Wahoo, Dorado , Spanish mackerel, Jack, Rooster fish and many others. We also have the “Hannibal bank”, an off-shore underwater bank that is paradise for big-game fishing.

Record size sail fish and marlin besides all the others we catch closer to shore can be caught there. If you prefer bottom fishing we can also show you where to catch snapper, grouper and many other. If you do not have your only gear we can arrange it and even if you have never fished before we guarantee you will when you go out with us.
See the over 250 types of reef fish, sharks, turtles, rays, morey-eels, corals and an amazing sea life Walk the pristine sandy beaches of Coiba or one of the trails.

Our Hotel in Santa Catalina, Panama

Looking for a room, cabins, short or long term rental in Santa Catalina, Panama? Come stay in the best accommodations in town.

There are many activities that you can do around our Hotel in Santa Catalina, Panama such as Surfing, Scuba-Diving, Fishing,Spear-fishing, Snorkeling, Eco-tourism , Sailing, Kayaking and horse-back riding.

But if you just feel like doing nothing, you can just cruise and relax , for the beauty and tranquility of Santa Catalina and its beaches invite you to do just that..

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