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Coiba Island

The national park of Isla Coiba includes the islands Coiba, Rancheria, Jicaron, Jicarita, Canal de Afuera, Uvas, Contreras, and others and covers an area of 270.125 ha, of which more than 80% is sea and it contains the largest coral reef in the tropical Eastern Pacific.

Just a short distance off Coiba`s west coast, at Hannibal Bank, the sea drops down to several 1000 feet / meters. Because of the upwelling of deep-sea water you will find here an incredible abundance of fish and other marine life.Inland Coiba is also amazing:walking some of Coiba’s trails will let you see primary jungle and animals such as howling monkeys, scarlet macaws and many others.

Diving and Snorkeling with Whitetip reef sharks, Mantas, Eagle rays and turtles is quite normal, as is swimming with schools of Surgeon fish, Butterfly fish, Barracudas, Pacific Spade fish, jacks and tunas. Also sightings of Humpback and Pilot whales, Orcas, dolphins, Tiger-, Bull- and Hammerhead sharks, as well as Whale sharks are not unusual.

Diving and Snorkeling can truly be called spectacular and is often compared to diving at Cocos Islands and Galapagos. The Lonely Planet for Panama describes it as the best scuba-diving between Mexico and Columbia. Cnn travel has recently released an article on Panama where they put Coiba as the best place for diving in Panama. We  offer daily dive or snorkeling trips, including 2 dives on 2 different spots. If possible, we are resting between the dives at a secluded sandy beach, what makes these trips also very popular for non-diving family members and friends.

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