update on Santa Catalina Panama

update on Santa Catalina Panama

Posted By: admin on May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

its slow season in Santa Catalina Panama,so its even more laid back then usual.

weather is fantastic,sunny with a few showers during the night,green,lush,amazing

A few tourists here and there strolling towards the beach,the occasional coiba tour leaving the beach…..the usual beginners surfing the estero beach break,zero party as there are not enough people to really make it happen,relax to the max.

our swimming pool is on its way,hole finished, re-bar in place,one week to pour!!

what are you waiting ? book your holidays with us!!!!

contact us for special rates for multi-day stays or if you need help organizing your activities in santa catalina and coiba ,be it a snorkeling tour, scuba-diving ,bird-watching,kayaking,surfing and surf lessons or any other that you might wish

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But if you just feel like doing nothing, you can just cruise and relax , for the beauty and tranquility of Santa Catalina and its beaches invite you to do just that..

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