• Book a fishing day trip and catch your own dinner

  • Visit the local beaches

  • Experience the magical snorkelling experience at Coiba Island

  • Dive in Coiba’s virgin ocean

  • Appreciate live corals experience

  • Enjoy in the surrounding islands at Coiba National Park

  • Experience a responsable whales watching

  • Hiking is posible around the property and nearby trail

  • Enjoy your day with a unique surf set in Santa Catalina

  • Relax in our pool while sun is setting down

  • Visit the dolphins living in the near islands

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Santa Catalina has a a number of activities that attract people from all over the world.

It’s famous for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. We are the gateway to Coiba National Park, a world Unesco Heritage site and the second largest marine park in the world – you are in for a real treat!

In our crystal clear waters its common to see turtles, reef fish, dolphins, whale sharks and white tip reef sharks.

When booking your reservation you have the option to include the meals and activities you want to do – so you just arrive and don’t have to worry about arranging or payments, we’ll do the work 🙂

If you have any special requirements let us know.