There are many activities that you can do around Santa Catalina such as Surfing, Scuba-Diving, Fishing, Spear-fishing, Snorkeling, Eco-tourism , Sailing, Kayaking and horse-back riding. Contact SOL Y MAR. There is a library in Santa Catalina where you can find books in several languages.

But if you just feel like doing nothing, you can just cruise and relax , for the beauty and tranquility of Santa Catalina and its beaches invite you to do just that . And if Santa Catalina has a lot to offer, much more can be discovered if you go to nearby Coiba , Cebaco , Octavias or Gobernadora Islands. And why not get a local fisherman to take you across to Santa Catalina Island a mere 5mn away and pick you up later? You will feel like you own a tropical beach, for no one else is around.

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Best Hotel in Santa Catalina, Panama

Best accommodation and food in Santa Catalina is at Hotel Sol y Mar,best rooms,gorgeous pool and amazing views,total relaxation!

Hotel Sol y Mar Santa Catalina, Panama will organize your activities such as Surfing, Scuba-Diving, Fishing,Spear-fishing, Snorkeling, Eco-tourism , Sailing, Kayaking ,horse-back riding and more. Talk to us about information on how you can enjoy your stay with us

We offer peace,relaxed atmosphere without compromising comfort,good food and the gateway to world class ocean enjoyment

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