Fishing group in Santa Catalina

Fishing group in Santa Catalina

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Quick update on our little paradise here at Santa Catalina
Will have a Fishing report tonight,as we have a group of 6 out there on two boats and hopefully they will be bringing lots of fish to our restaurant.The fisherman  are from Brasil and today is their first day,tomorrow they will go again,so hopefully they will also give me some pictures of the fish

Also will try to on most posts to give some tide and swell information for Santa Catalina.This can be valuable information,as the tide charts you usually find are for Panama and can differ as much as one hour and several feet from the tides here.Also will visually check the surf conditions at Santa Catalina point,considered the best wave in Panama

So today is the first of hopefully a lot of  important posts for people that want to find when the best conditions will happen for their fishing,diving or surfing

Here are the tides for Cebaco island,only a few miles from the point at Santa Catalina

4:27 am high tide ( 3.7 m )
10:41 am low tide ( 0.6 m )
4:58 pm high tide ( 3.6 m )
10:59 pm low tide ( 0.8 m )

As for the waves,had a report yesterday from Curtis that it was 2 to 3 feet overhead,today just looked from my terrace at the indicators and looks like another good surfing day in Santa Catalina Panama

Here is the forecast for the next few days:

 Tuesday the 19th Wave heights hold in the chest to head high+ range (just checked visually and thats right on the money!).
Wednesday the 20th swell starts slows down a bit but the forecast for the point is waist to head high surf.
Thursday the 21st, we have a little SSW arriving .  Wave size for Santa Catalina should hold in the waist to head high range.
Friday the 22nd this swell will continue to fill in and surf could again be a few feet overhead
Saturday and Sunday should brings us more head high to overhead surf,backing off a bit for Sunday
After that looks like there might be a couple more small swells in a row to keep the surfers Happy!!!


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