Directions to sol y mar

By Car from Panama City

We are located in Santa Catalina, Panama.
The drive will take about 5 hours and cover a total distance from Panama City to Santa Catalina of approximately 250 miles or 400 kilometers. Your major directional cities are Santiago, then Sona.

After crossing the Bridge of The Americas over the Panama Canal, take the Pan American Highway west toward Santiago. Stay on the Pan American Highway to Santiago, approximately 150 miles/240 km from the Bridge of The Americas.

When entering the town of Santiago prepare to make a left at the Delta station (also on the left). If you reach the McDonalds on the right you have gone too far. After you make the left hand turn (Avenida Central) this road will turn into a one-way street (your way) passing several banks and shops and then directly heading towards a large white cathedral. (remember that Santa Catalina is a very small village, any shopping or banking can be done at this time).

As you reach the front of the Cathedral get on the left side of the church and turn right where you see a sign saying santa catalina, continue over a small speed bump and take a left at the next intersection. Sona is your next turn approximately 29.3 miles/47.15 km away.

As you reach your next turn you will pass over a large bridge. Prepare to at anotherDelta station just before reaching the town of Sona.(there is a sign there for Santa Catalina)Drive approximately 29.8 miles/48 km.

Make another left at Los Tigres to Santa Catalina. Only 10 miles/16 km to go. After 6 miles/9.65 km you will reach a curve to the right, (Hicaco) and just 4 miles/6.4 km more to the village of Santa Catalina.

As you reach the entrance of Santa Catalina you will see SOL Y MAR on your right. We have a large sign by the entrance.The reception is located across from the entrance, but should it be closed please sound the horn proceed up the hill towards the cabins and owner`s house (there are signs that tell you which way to go)

The roads in general are in good shape ,the one from Soná is actually brand new. Please obey the speed limit signs in all small villages as children play freely near the roadside. If you are traveling at night exercise caution as cattle and horses and dogs are sometimes on the roads.Also on the inter-american highway beware of traffic policemen with speed guns,specially in areas where the speed limit is low(look for the signs).Mostly they just want a bribe and try to tell you the fine is higher then it actually is so the bribe is bigger.Better to avoid being stopped,but if it happens the usual “fine” is $10 to 20

Directions to sol y mar

By Bus from Panama City to Santa Catalina

If you’re really into adventure, the bus will cost around $18 and takes about 7-9 hours.

First step is to take a local bus or taxi from your location in Panama City to the Allbrook Bus Terminal. This is a huge terminal where all buses, local and country wide board.

When arriving at the terminal you have two choices. You can take a full sized luxury motor coach to Santiago or a smaller coach directly to Sona. If you decide to take the Santiago coach you will need to transfer and pay for a smaller bus to get to Sona from Santiago.

If you are traveling with a large quantity of bags the Sona option may be less effort. When arriving in Sona you will have to take the local Sona/Santa Catalina bus. This bus leaves Sona at 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The ride will take 1.5 hours. Ask the driver to let you out at Cabañas Sol y Mar.

if the bus or drive seem too much discomfort,we provide transfer service straight from the airport or anywhere in the country.Contact us for availability and prices

Safe travels. We’ll see you here.

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