News from Santa Catalina Panama

News from Santa Catalina Panama

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been a while since we gave everyone some news from our little paradise so here goes an update:

WEATHER:Rainy season has been mild here in Santa Catalina,only a couple rain storms,one of them was Sandy,that started here as a tropical storm and then gained strength as it traveled up North.most days the rain has been shining and right now looks like the dry season is about to start,as it doesn´t rain more then 5 minutes at a time and the winds have been blowing off-shore till noon and some days past that.

SURF:there were a few weeks of really small surf,which is unusual,but it has been pumping for almost a week now,day before yesterday there were some double overhead bombs,but yesterday was the best day,with 5 to 6 foot perfect barrels and off-shores

DIVING/SNORKELING IN COIBA:as usual,divers and snorkelers have been coming back with big smiles,humpback whales still around and a bunch of whale-shark (out of season!!!!) sightings.Almost no rainy days so perfect to get out,would say even better then dry season,as with no strong off-shores the ride is not as bumpy

so now we still have a month or so till the Hotel gets totally booked for the holidays,the weather is fine,come visit us!!!

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