tours to coiba panama

tours to coiba panama

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Hotel Sol y Mar helps its guests get places on the boat tours to coiba

as you may know,santa catalina beach is the closest place with paved road to Coiba Island.This is the reason why the only  dive shops in the area are located in Santa Catalina village,as well as many small hotels,restaurants and others that provide  lodging , food and activities

to the ever growing number of visitors to Santa Catalina

One of the main problems that potential visitors to Coiba National Park find is being sure that they can get there before making their way to Santa Catalina

The problem is that even if all operators charge $50-55 per person for a Coiba snorkeling tour ,they also ask for a minimum of 6 people to run the tour.Since most of the visitors we get here come in couples,or most 3 or 4 people traveling together,the boat operators will not take reservations for two or three people,not sure if they can get the other people they need to run the tour.

also there are many boat operators that are not visible online and don’t have a office or even a sign in front of their house,its quite informal in some cases

It is here that Hotel Sol y Mar can be of assistance.When you book your stay with us and mention you want to go to Coiba we will take note of it,many times we get more people staying here that want to go the same dates,when that happens we rent a boat just for our guests,when not we contact all the operators,other hotels,etc to try and get enough people to run the tour

And its rare the time when this doesn’t  work,just yesterday four guests arrived,and after a run to the village and a couple phone calls,found two more people and they are in this moment at Coiba,should be back in two hours,sure with good stories.

coiba national park

coiba snorkeling paradise

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