Welcome to Sol y Mar

A family business owned by Luis , who’s service and charisma will make a lasting impression on you.

Our property has grown organically over the last 20 years both as a hotel and working farm.

Sol y Mar is constantly looking for new viable ways to be self-sustainable and work together with nature and our environment in a harmonious way.

We’ve planted a diversity of trees and plants to mimic nature and we now enjoy fruit from mango, avocado, cashew, lemon, papaya, guanabana, orange, banana and lime trees on the farm.

Mulberry and cinnamon trees being are our latest additions, which we hope to reap the rewards in a few years time.

You’ll notice many pineapples growing around the property – if there’s one ready to be picked it may be served to you for breakfast 🙂 The hotel also replants all the tops of the fresh pineapple so that we are putting back into nature whats taken out.

There are also chickens around which help turn and fertilize the soil – hopefully you’ll be staying with us when some new chicks are hatched.

Due to the variety of trees and plants, we have a healthy little ecosystem and you’ll observe hummingbirds, bees and butterflies pollinating the area.

We have clean drinkable water sourced from a well on the property, so it comes straight out the ground and into your tap – yay!

We do our best to integrate with nature by using natural materials sourced locally, feeding the mineral rich water from the laundry back into the property, mulching techniques to improve soil fertility and making our own compost.

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