Nature in Santa Catalina Panama Hotel Sol y Mar

One of the reasons ( besides falling in love with the surf point and its world class waves, sea life and warm water) we chose Santa Catalina to live and build our ecolodge was the beautiful nature and biodiversity of this place.

Being a Surfer I was always a nature lover, but living in Santa Catalina made me aware of what surrounded us and the power that nature has on our well being in some many ways.

Over more then 20 years have been planting trees, flowers and plants from wood to medicinal, ornamental, all kinds of tropical fruits, food providing plants….. we have hundreds of different species of plants, some native to Veraguas province or Panama, others that have been brought many years ago.This plants attract all kinds of animals to feed, find shelter, reproduce, etc. We plant some plants to attract birds, others to attract butterflies (like the beautiful -[morpho elenor in the pic. bellow) 

Because of the biodiversity that surrounds us, Sol y Mar is more then an Hotel, it is truly a place of Nature where our guests can come enjoy all the popular activities in Santa Catalina like surfing, diving or snorkeling in Coiba Island or simply  relaxing on the beach.

At Hotel Sol y Mar you will find some of the most comfortable accommodations in Santa Catalina quite close to the beach, with amazing sea views, swimming pool looking at the sunset and world class food from local sources. But you will also find incredible nature  like no other hotel or bed and breakfast can offer you.

To provide names and interpretation to many of the plants and animals that you might see when you visit us in Santa Catalina we are doing an inventory to depict as many different species as posible that live around us and make different posts in this blog and our social media showing pictures and useful information so you will be able to identify and know more about what you will see when you visit Hotel Sol y Mar.

Please feel free to send us any pictures you have of plants, trees, insects or any living being that you find in Santa Catalina and if possible name and info about it or comment on our posts with more information if you have it, we will give credit or put links to any relevant content we publish.

Hopefully this effort will not only enrich everyones experience in Santa Catalina but also by providing knowledge and understanding about Nature on the Pacific coast of Veraguas and  we can all learn how to better balance what we take from It with what we put back. 

Morpho elenor or Blue Morpho is a common sight at Hotel Sol y Mar in Santa Catalina Panama

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